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High Risk Truck Insurance – Business Auto – Fleet Insurance help

Where do you go for help when your considered a high risk and need a commercial auto insurance policy? 

We insure big rig trucks, Taxi’s, Airport Shuttles, Black Car Services, box trucks, fuel haulers, ambulances and Non Emergency Medical Transport everyday that thought they had no chance to be insured. 1 vehicle to large fleets.

Need expert help with high risk truck insurance policy? Call (855) 554-6321 for quick help
High Risk Commercial Trucking – Business Auto – Bus Insurance help online assistance. Get critical coverage now!

Right here is the answer! You just need to get specialized help from experienced high risk commercial insurance plans agents.

Commercial assigned risk insurance services offer many different types of coverage’s to many industries. Free help all starts here by sending us some basic information to make sure that we have the right agent working on your needs.

We offer many different types of High Risk Commercial Auto Insurance. Help all starts here by sending us some basic information so we can help you insure your delivery trucks, big rig tractor trailers, large buses, contractor vehicles, NEMT, Taxi and many other types of business use vehicles. Help for 1 vehicle to large fleets available with our easy contact form below.

Contact high risk commercial insurance brokers and wholesalers. Get fast help below with our companies with our easy form or call 855-554-6321 or (888) 443-7623.

For Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina Tennessee and Virginia  use contact form below, other states please scroll further.

We also have access to direct companies that may offer high risk business insurance coverage below.


Once we get your information we will assign a licensed experienced agent to help you weigh your options and compare prices and help with the buying process.

High Risk Commercial Auto Insurance Markets Special Types Classes
Armored Trucks or Cars
Drive-Away Contractors
Driver Training School
Private Passenger* & Truck
Emergency Ambulance

Escort Vehicles
Fire Department Vehicles
Funeral Director Vehicles
Law Enforcement Vehicles
Medical Transportation
Mobile Barber Shop
Non Emergency Medical Transportation
Mobile Truck Advertising & Concession
Mobile Car Detailers / Repair
Mobile Office Truck or Trailer
Non-Emergency Ambulance
Pizza / Fast Food Delivery
Rental Vehicles
Private Passenger Type*
& Commercial Vehicles
Repossession Operation
Sales Person Autos
Security Patrol
Traveling Medical Service

Other classes that may cause your business to have trouble finding insurance.

Artisan Contractors
Butane, Propane, LPG Dealers and Installers
Clearing, Grading or Land, Excavation
Electrical Apparatus Installation
Electricians NOC
Excavation, Grading and Equipment
Framing and Carpentry
Freight Handlers
Gunite Contractors
Heavy Construction
In Home Care and Assisted Living
Limousine Services
Masonry and Concrete
Millwright Work
Oil or Gas Lease Work
Oil or Gas Well Supplies Equipment Dealer
Pipe or Tube Manufacturing
Pipe Reconditioning
Pool Plastering
Property Management
Residential Care
Residential Cleaning
Steel or Iron Fabrication or Erection
Swimming Pool Contractors


The Assigned Risk or High Risk Commercial Auto Insurance Policies often charges higher rates in your state, and is a last resort for licensed drivers that cannot obtain car insurance coverage elsewhere in the preferred or voluntary auto insurance marketplace. To combat soaring insurance prices experts recommend educating yourself and then obtain a couple of different insurance quotes to make sure that you have explored all of your options. Free help is available now from brokers and licensed agents trained to help remedy your situation now in Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee & Virginia.

Your information is safe and is never shared publicly.

Nonstandard Commercial Insurance specialists help business owners find the right insurance (888) 443-7623.
Insure about all vehicles needing commercial auto insurance form medical transport to Taxi’s, towing companies and a lot more.

If you need to check you SMS score on the FMCSA website click here.  We have direct access to High Risk Truck Insurance Markets.

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