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New York High Risk Auto Insurance Rates

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Submit your information securely below and to obtain car insurance quotes and to discuss your options. By entering your information, you are instantly matched with the most competitive companies in NY. And once matched, you will receive free New York High Risk or Assigned High Risk Auto Insurance quotes for fast and easy comparison.

Let us help you find affordable New York High Risk Car Insurance, also known as non standard auto insurance policies. Have points? Too many accidents? Get Help! If your policy to lapses in New York you may face daily fines for not having a registered vehicle properly insured. Compare options now to stay insured.

Get free New York High Risk Auto Insurance and non standard brokers help finding coverage.  We are multi-state licensed and ready to help you find a policy that you can afford from one or more available companies offering coverage in the state of New York.

Assigned Risk-High Risk automobile residual insurance markets are made available in most states to assist licensed resident drivers unable to secure auto insurance through the preferred companies due to a their driving history. Most household name brand companies must participate to satisfy state insurance mandates. The Assigned Risk or High Risk Automobile Insurance Plans often charges higher rates in your state, and is a last resort for licensed drivers that cannot obtain car insurance coverage elsewhere in the preferred or voluntary automobile insurance marketplace. To try and stay within your budget experts recommend educating yourself and then obtain Car Insurance quotes from at least three insurance companies.

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Under a New York assigned risk insurance policy, each insurance company initially is allowed to refuse to sell insurance to any driver, except for reasons prohibited by anti-discrimination laws. Drivers who are initially unable to find and buy car insurance may appeal to an organization that assigns such drivers to insurance companies in proportion to company market share. Each company is required to sell insurance to its assigned drivers, for which the company receives premiums, pays claims, and provides service. These services are offered by licensed car insurance brokers.  If you need help with NY high risk truck insurance visit

Learn the difference between New York standard and NY high risk car insurance with our licensed New York high risk auto insurance agents help.
Are you New York standard/nonstandard or high risk? Get New York High Risk Auto Insurance quotes and explore all options.